Swagger on Pitching a Pro-Trump Idea to Vince

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Swagger on Pitching a Pro-Trump Idea to Vince

Jack Swagger played his All-American gimmick during the last part of his WWE run. He took his gimmick to great heights by copying Donald Trump. His similarities to Trump could not be denied. He spoke about it on the WINCLY podcast.

Swagger started the All-American gimmick just before Trump ran for president. He spoke about whether he influenced Trump’s campaign somehow. "There's definitely some similarities in the rhetoric and terms. But I don't think we had anything to do with it," stated Swagger.

"That was 2013 [at WrestleMania 29] and he definitely pulled Zeb aside and told him he liked it. I'm sure it was already brewing because you could see the problems in the country." Swagger wanted to come back with Zeb and mimic Trump.

It was definitely a very pro-Trump idea, but Vince McMahon did not like it. "[Vince McMahon] didn't want to do it. I was like, 'C'mon Vince, you could tell your friend that you put him in the White House!' But he didn't want to mess with our President, which I'm glad we didn't now.

But it would have been an honor as we would have been his lackeys and agreed with everything he did," said Swagger. Donald Trump has actually worked inside a WWE arena before. He was part of a few storylines and he even participated in a Battle of The Billionaires competition once against Vince McMahon. Trump won that encounter.