Kevin Owens On Babyface Turn and The Stunner

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Kevin Owens On Babyface Turn and The Stunner

Kevin Owens is currently in the process of promoting WWE SummerSlam. The event will be held on Sunday. Kevin Owens spoke to The New York Post during this activity of his. Kevin will wrestle Shane McMahon at WWE SummerSlam. He will put his career on the line against Shane in that match.

Owens spoke using Stone Cold’s move called The Stunner. It has now become a part of his moveset and he took permission from Stone Cold to use it. Stone Cold is a WWE hall of Famer and he allowed Kevin to use The Stunner in 2016.

"Every time I hit it, people are partying, and that's what I'm looking for," Owens said of the Stunner. He recently turned babyface, and he was a heel wrestler for most of his career before this recent turn.

Owens stated that he did this as he listens to the WWE fans. He wanted to get the maximum reaction out of the WWE fans by doing this. He stated that this turn feels rejuvenating and exciting for him. "This feels different than what I've done for a while now," Owens said.

"And it feels rejuvenating and exciting, which is always what you want in wrestling and also, I'm having a pretty good time." Kevin Owens started his WWE career at NXT. He was a famous indie wrestler before he joined the WWE.