Drew McIntyre on Learning from The Undertaker and Shane

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Drew McIntyre on Learning from The Undertaker and Shane

Drew McIntyre is currently in his second run with the WWE. He quit the WWE a few years ago and found success outside of the WWE. He worked at Impact Wrestling and then got noticed by the WWE again. This time, The WWE is using him regularly and he has feuded with some of the best WWE Superstars in his current run.

On TV Insider, he spoke about how he learned from The Undertaker and Shane McMahon. "You can't help but learn from those situations," Drew said. "I had a big opportunity to work with The Undertaker once 10 years ago, but I was around him all the time.

He was pretty much a mentor to me. I learned so much from him back in the day, and it's great to have him back now when I'm on a different thinking level”. "I'm at a point where I understand everything now he is talking about, and it doesn't sound like riddles like it used to when I was a kid.

I didn't quite understand how the business worked quite yet. Working with Shane — someone where this is his life, he has grown up in this industry, he is able to teach me things in there I don't even think about “ Drew is one of the few superstars who elevated his position after he left the WWE.