Drew McIntyre on Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff

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Drew McIntyre on Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff

Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff were hired by the WWE recently as Executive Directors. Paul Heyman will be in charge of RAW and Eric will be in charge of SmackDown. Paul was the ECW President and Eric was the WCW President. Vince McMahon hired them even though they tried to get the WWE out of business.

Drew McIntyre spoke to TV Insider while promoting the WWE SummerSlam event. The event will take place this Sunday. He commentated on Eric and Paul being hired by the WWE. He stated that he is excited. "Paul Heyman is someone who I've worked with and gotten advice from over the years.

He is somebody that understands Drew Galloway, Drew McIntyre, better than I do sometimes," McIntyre said. "I'm very excited that Paul is going to have more pull it sounds like because he breathes this industry and knows me very well I'm also excited to see what Eric Bischoff brings to the table.

Obviously, he was involved in one of the biggest boom periods and angles in the history of our industry. He has that creative mind and understands the way a television network works. He is a huge asset to the company." Drew is currently in his second run in the WWE.

His first run didn’t go that well and he left the WWE years go. He found success outside of the WWE after he joined Impact Wrestling. He then rejoined the WWE after getting noticed by them.