Roman Reigns on Becky Lynch's Success

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Roman Reigns on Becky Lynch's Success

Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns are two of the most successful WWE wrestlers in the world right now. They regularly get featured on multiple WWE PPV events and are willingly to go the extra mile to entertain the fans. Roman Reigns got extremely popular, after he came back from battling leukemia.

Becky Lynch gained popularity after she beat her long-time friend Charlotte Flair once. Roman is currently promoting the WWE 2K20 video game that will be released soon. He spoke about how happy he is for Lynch and how he saw her grow over the past one year.

“To be able to see someone like Becky and a few other Superstars that really stepped up huge for us, and to really help out our ream and our company while I was gone, it just shows what kind of people, what kind of athletes and performers, but mostly what kind of people we have, people that will step up and people that will do anything it takes to make it work, and to have that much talent, and to have that much work ethic”.

Many indie wrestlers joined the WWE over the years. Only a few of them ever got to the top of the promotion, and even fewer won championship titles. Becky Lynch is extremely lucky, as she was at one time the number 1 trending wrestler in the world. Not even 1% of the wrestlers that join the WWE can do that.