Lynch on Feeling Nice for Being on The Cover

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Lynch on Feeling Nice for Being on The Cover

Becky Lynch is on the cover of the WWE video game called 2K20. The WWE 2K series is currently WWE’s main video game series. Roman Reigns is also on the cover with Lynch. Lynch is the current RAW Women’s Champion, and she is one of the most popular wrestlers in the world.

She stated that she didn’t know that she will be on the cover. She only found out after filming the commercial for the game. "Feels pretty nice," Lynch said. "You know, a lot of the things didn't really hit me until today.

There was something about doing this commercial that really made me realize the magnitude of all of it. But I'll tell ya, it made me feel right for stepping away and breaking away from the pack and wanting to slap the heads off every single woman on that roster, but being on the cover of 2K20 is beyond anything I possibly could've dreamed of.

I always wanted to main event WrestleMania, but to be able to main event the WrestleMania, become a double champ there, and then a few months later be on the cover of the friggin' video game... man, it feels like nothing's impossible now."

Lynch will be defending her RAW Women’s Title against Natalya at WWE SummerSlam. The WWE SummerSlam event will be held this Sunday.