Enzo Amore on Boy Battling Brain Cancer

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Enzo Amore on Boy Battling Brain Cancer

nZo was known as Enzo Amore in the WWE. He was a colorful and compelling character. He was quite popular and fought some of WWE’s best wrestlers. He recently paid a visit to a boy that is battling brain cancer. He shared a video on Instagram in which stated why he visited the boy, and why he wants to return to professional wrestling.

He wrote, "People like you are the reason why I'm coming back to wrestling. John Francis, you got that stuff they can't teach kid.... #JohnStrong (go fund me page will be in my bio all weekend. Anything helps)."

He visited a boy named, John Francis. He is suffering from a Grade 3 Glioma tumor on his brain stem. He was diagnosed with it on May. He even has a GoFundMe page. nZo told his fans last week that he will be returning to wrestling.

He will make his return at the Northeastern Wrestling event called Prison Break. The event will take place on the 16th of August. It will be held at the Mid-Hudson Center in Poughkeepsie, New York. nZo is one of the many wrestlers that get released by the WWE, due to various reasons.

nZo never spoke against the WWE after he left the company, but he is an interesting person in real life. Nobody really knows what he is up to and is super unpredictable.