Friends and Former Students on Storm Wrestling

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Friends and Former Students on Storm Wrestling

Lance Storm ran the Storm Wrestling Academy. It was recently reported that the academy will close at the end of this year. A few friends of Storm and former students commented on this report. Tyler Breeze tweeted, "Crazy to think lance has been training for 15 years already!

I owe him a lot!" and former student and current ImpactKnockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie wrote, "Training at SWA changed my life and set me up for the path my career would take. I'm forever thankful for everything I learned there and the continued support Lance Storm has for me in and out of the ring.

Thank you, Lance, for believing in me, thank you SWA for everything." Gail Kim tweeted, "Well this is a loss to some potential future wrestlers. You were always the first recommendation I always gave. Your success rate was amazing and reflects your teaching....

but looking forward to hearing more." There aren’t many wrestling schools and academies that were as well-known as the Storm Wrestling Academy. There is either a shortage of people that want to be professional wrestlers, or the WWE is simply offering a better academy these days.

The WWE has its own Development and Performance center. It is true that the WWE prefers developing and training wrestlers that are already well-known on the indie circuit. Only a few wrestlers pass the WWE tryouts so not everybody gets a chance at the WWE.