Kevin Owens on Being Cautious While Cutting Promos

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Kevin Owens on Being Cautious While Cutting Promos

Kevin Owens is known for cutting very good promos. He was a very successful indie wrestler before he joined the WWE, and knows how to cut good promos. Ever since he returned to the WWE, he has been cutting good promos. He is currently feuding with Shane McMahon.

Shane McMahon is part of the McMahon family, and Kevin Owens spoke about it with Sport Illustrated. He was asked whether he has to be cautious while cutting promos that target Shane McMahon. "If I've learned anything from being here for the past five years, it's that the McMahons are more than willing to let you go at them as hard as you want and they'll come back at you as hard as they can.

Everything is pretty much fair game. I've never been told to be careful, I've never been told to watch what I say. It's all for the purpose of creating as good a story as possible," he said. Over the past few years, we have learned that the McMahons are willing to get insulted and humiliated in the ring to entertain that fans.

They have also been part of some very controversial storylines, and they don’t mind taking punishment at all. This will not be the first time Shane and Owens will fight. They wrestled in 2017 in a Hell in the Cell PPV.