Lynch on Female Wrestlers Not Stepping Up

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Lynch on Female Wrestlers Not Stepping Up

Becky Lynch is the reigning WWE RAW Women’s Champion. She is one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. Within 1 year, she rose to the top of the WWE. She was one of the three women that main evented WrestleMania this year.

It was a Winner Takes All match, and Lynch won that match. She won the RAW and Smackdown Women’s Titles that night. Becky Lynch is known for her Twitter wars. She trash talks a lot on social media, but she also fights in the ring.

Lynch recently commented on the WWE female wrestlers that trash talk on social media but do not bring the fight to the WWE ring. "I was going to say I've got plenty of people coming for 'The Man,' but do I really?" Lynch wondered.

"It's kind of a disappointment. I don't think I have enough people stepping up to 'The Man,' stepping up to the top dog, stepping up to the one that proved that anything can be done in this industry. That we can achieve anything, that if you just put your mind to it and stop sitting in that back, trying to be liked by everybody that you can actually do great things in this business.

That you can change the game. You can change this industry. You can change the way people perceive this industry”.