Jack Swagger Criticizes Goldberg's Performance

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Jack Swagger Criticizes Goldberg's Performance

Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler took place at this year’s SummerSlam PPV event. Before this match, we saw Goldberg wrestle The Undertaker at the WWE Super ShowDown event. That match was a disaster, so Goldberg had to impress fans with this match of his.

Goldberg simply squashed Ziggler and finished him with a spear and a jackhammer. Fans probably expected more from him, but that never really happened. Jack Swagger is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion and he spoke about Goldberg’s performance on Twitter.

He wrote, "Maybe if u have a match on #summerfest, u should actually be able to work a match. @Goldberg. I'm tired of this s--t..." A fan then stated that Goldberg would probably be able to beat Swagger in an MMA match.

Swagger responded, "He can't run a spot but you think he can touch me? Lol" Goldberg responded to that by saying, “Easy kid" Swagger then taunted Goldberg by saying, “Ok. But Can u at least kick out on 2?" Swagger then stated, “I expect him to not have a match in which he obviously can't compete .

You would pay your money to see that?" A fan responded to him by saying, “Nah I'm rich and not losing to people who would break their hip trying to compete w me" Goldberg is known for performing 2 or 3 moves to end a match. This is what he did back in his WCW days as well.