Dolph Ziggler on Part-timer vs. Part-timer joke

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Dolph Ziggler on Part-timer vs. Part-timer joke

Dolph Ziggler took on WWE Hall of Famer, Goldberg at WWE SummerSlam. He lost the match, but before the match, he was interviewed by Wrestling Inc. He spoke about the part-timer vs. part-timer joke that he used in his comedy show.

During a segment, people on stage cracked that joke. Ziggler enjoyed that joke, but stated that it isn’t true, since he is not a part-time wrestler. "Which is pretty funny, but clearly not true," Ziggler said.

"I get the digs, I have taken a vacation this last year, but it was only after 14 years without one. The joke was warranted, it works, I have quit for two weeks before when I threw a title down and walked away for two weeks and left for a couple months.

I just needed to get off television. When you see me ever day for 10 years straight? I gotta go away for a little bit. I needed to get out of WWE for a minute. I got right back in it, haven't lost a step, I don't have ring rust, and I don't get out of shape."

Dolph Ziggler has not received a big push from the WWE for a long time. He is using that angle to promote himself, and hopefully climb his way up to the promotion again. Dolph Ziggler was part of major storylines once, that involved The Authority.