Dolph Ziggler on Getting Rid of Goldberg

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Dolph Ziggler on Getting Rid of Goldberg

Before facing Goldberg at WWE SummerSlam, Dolph Ziggler stated that he wants to get rid of Goldberg. He spoke to Wrestling Inc. in which he said this. Dolph clearly stated in previous RAW episodes that he doesn’t like Goldberg and regularly took shots at him.

"I feel like once I get rid of Goldberg, I'm really kinda looking at Shawn Michaels, but, man, if anything happened there, I would try and make it happen," Ziggler said. "I would love to see if Shawn Michaels could hang with me.

And then one day I'd let [Riddle] come up and see if he can hang with me in the ring. Good luck to him doing everything he can because it's not easy to get to the WWE roster. "I'm not really friends with the 'Attitude Era' guys.

I've been in rings with them. I've been in matches with them. I've been in segments with them”. The match took place and it was Goldberg that absolutely destroyed Dolph Ziggler. He finished him with a spear and a jackhammer.

Fans probably expected more from Goldberg after his shocking performance at WWE Super ShowDown against The Undertaker. Goldberg is not known as the best technical wrestler in the world. In his WCW days, he was known as a power-house and used to crush wrestler within a few minutes. The WWE is focusing on bringing that Goldberg back.