Booker T on being on camera for the Shockmaster’s debut

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Booker T on being on camera for the Shockmaster’s debut

Booker T is a six-time world champion, having won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship five times (four times in WCW, and once in the WWF) and WWE's World Heavyweight Championship once. He is the first non-mixed race African American to become a world champion in WWE, and was voted the greatest World Heavyweight Champion in a WWE viewer poll.

Booker is a 15-time world tag team champion between WCW (10 times), WWF/E (four times), and TNA (once). Additionally, he was the winner of the King of the Ring tournament in 2006, the sixteenth Triple Crown Champion, and the eighth Grand Slam Champion (under original format) in WWE history.

As the ninth Triple Crown Champion in WCW history, Booker is one of five men in history to achieve both the WWE and WCW Triple Crowns. Longtime wrestler Kurt Angle said of Booker: "He's done it all... he legitimately is one of the top five best of all time."

Booker was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 6, 2013, by his brother, Lash. Both he and Lash were inducted together into the 2019 class on April 6, 2019 as Harlem Heat, rendering him one of four men to be a two-time Hall of Famer (alongside Ric Flair, Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels).

On the latest Steve Austin Show, Booker T reflected on being on camera for the Shockmaster’s debut: “It was crazy man, because you know, me and my brother, I don’t know if you know how we got into WCW or not.

But Sid was the reason we got into WCW. He brought us in, he called down to Dallas, said he was gonna get us in. And next thing you know, we’re in Atlanta. We’re living in Sid’s apartment as well at that time.

And Sid, he looked out for us. And then, for us to be in a match of that magnitude, first and foremost. My brother and I, we were like two flies on a wall. I mean, we were. [laughs] Because we get ready to do a PPV in Houston, in the main event, our first time.

We were like, ‘Wow! It can’t get any better than this.’ And when that happened, I remember rehearsing it, though. And I think — I could be wrong, that’s why I gotta take a little of the heat off of Fred. I could be wrong, but when we rehearsed that thing, which we ran through like a small rehearsal.