Viking Raider Squash, Rey Mysterio's New Storyline

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Viking Raider Squash, Rey Mysterio's New Storyline

The RAW after SummerSlam just took place. In it, The Viking Raider absolutely destroyed the local enhancement talents that were put in front of them. It was a squash match. They faced Sebastian Suave and Carter mason. Suave is the CEO, founder and Executive Producer of Smash Wrestling which is a promotion in Toronto.

Mason works for that promotion and is a wrestler from Toronto. Suave and Mason worked as the body guards during the Killian Dain and Matt Riddle brawl match that was held at WWE NXT Takeover Toronto. The event took place last Saturday.

A full video of the squash match is available on YouTube. A brand new storyline was stated by the WWE for veteran WWE superstar Rey Mysterio. He was at one time the most popular WWE Cruiserweight in the world and still has a huge number of fans.

Besides working for the WWE, Rey has worked for several different wrestling promotions, including ones in Mexico. Rey recently lost a best out of 3 falls match to Andrade. He was quite emotional after losing the match and was interviewed by Charly Caruso backstage.

He stated that he has never lost like that in his life. He was unclear about his career and where he is headed. He stated that he believes his career might be coming to an end. He wrote on Instagram, "Have some deep thinking to do.........first time in 30 years that I feel this way!"