Big E On Loving The Sport of MMA

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Big E On Loving The Sport of MMA

Big E loves MMA! He spoke about his love for the sport with Jose Youngs, who is from The A-Side Live Chat. He was introduced to the world of MMA and immediately fell in love with it. Apparently video games revived his love for the sport.

"I was in college," Big E said. "I was a casual fan. But my love was reinvigorated because of the video games. We started playing them in the locker room and that was the thing. Half of the locker room is playing this game on a daily basis, and that really got me started on watching UFC regularly.

I pledge my great respect to the fighters and what they do." The MMA world is very different from the professional wrestling world. Many amateur wrestlers join an MMA promotion, and some join professional wrestling. Over the years, we have seen famous MMA stars join the WWE and other wrestling promotions.

It goes the other way around too! Some professional wrestlers pursue a career in MMA! Most professional wrestlers that do not have a background in some legit combat sports often do not do well in MMA. The ones that are successful in MMA are the ones that actually had real combat experience.

Bobby Lashley is a WWE wrestler that did well in MMA and then returned to the WWE after not reaching the top of any promotion.