Jack Swagger talks about R-Truth’s current 24/7 title run

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Jack Swagger talks about R-Truth’s current 24/7 title run

On June 20, 2018, Jack Swagger made his debut on Lucha Underground as a heel. Under the name of "The Savage" Jake Strong, he joined Infamous Inc. with Sammy Guevara and Big Bad Steve, facing the Trios Champions The Mack, Son of Havoc and Killshot.

After his team lost, Strong attacked every member, including Infamous Inc manager, Famous B. Strong then started a feud with Drago and Aerostar, defeating both in singles matchs and in a handicap Nunchaku match. On October 17, Strong won a 7 Man Battle Royal last eliminating AR Fox, that same night Strong defeated Johnny Mundo.

The next week, Strong won a Seven to seven survive elimination match to win the Lucha Underground Gift of the Gods Championship. On Ultima lucha Cuatro, after Pentagon Dark defeated Marty Martinez to win the Lucha Underground Championship, Strong cashed his Gift of the Gods Championship for a championship match thus defeating Pentagon and became the new Lucha Underground Champion.

In a long interview with Wrestling Inc, Swagger talked about R-Truth’s current 24/7 title run: “Man, he’s beyond a Superstar. He’s just above and beyond and anything he touches is so entertaining. The best part is that it’s real and sincere.

You could see that that’s Ron Killings; that’s R-Truth. It’s the whole thing – when you get an opportunity, you’ve really got to make it your own. That’s what he does with anything they give him. He makes it his own and it takes off. It’s really cool and I think he’s deserving of way more there”.