Roman Reigns Warns Bryan and Rowan

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Roman Reigns Warns Bryan and Rowan

Roman Reigns was recently on Twitter and he used the platform to issue a warning to Rowan and Daniel Bryan. The warning was issued for the Smackdown episode that will take place next week. He wrote, "..and as for @ERICKROWAN and @WWEDanielBryan, you have 6 days.

#RentsDue #SDLive" Daniel Bryan and Rowan were the wrestlers that closed this week’s Smackdown episode, which was also the post-SummerSlam Smackdown episode. They promised Roman Reigns during the episode that they will bring the real culprit responsible for attacking Reigns a few weeks back with a forklift.

They stated that they will bring the attacker in front of Reigns during the next Smackdown episode, after claiming to conduct their own investigation on the matter. Buddy Murphy previously accused Rowan, and said that he was the one that attacked Reigns.

At the moment, we have no idea who the culprit might actually be, and the WWE might choose not to allow the reveal to happen for another week or two. Reigns fought Buddy Murphy at this week’s Smackdown event and put up a great fight.

It was an extremely entertaining match and Roman praised Murphy on Twitter for it. This storyline might actually be WWE’s attempt to bring Roman back to the top of the WWE. He has not been part of any major storylines ever since he came back. He also stated in various interviews that he needed time to recover properly and fight well.