Braun Strowman on Not Becoming World Champion

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Braun Strowman on Not Becoming World Champion

Braun Strowman recently spoke to The Gorilla Position about why he hasn’t been given a title yet. Strowman clearly stated that the WWE hasn’t booked him to win any title, even though he came very close to getting title shots.

"The powers that be aren't ready for [me to be Universal Champion]," Braun said. "One of the biggest things is that I'm running out of opponents; I've beat everybody. That's the biggest thing, I feel like.

Where we're at right now, we're trying to get some other guys more established because, let's be for real, not everybody can match up to what I've done and what I'm capable of doing. So I feel like that's part of the biggest thing - just timing-wise, everything happens for a reason in this business.

Everything that you [see] going on right now has literally been in works for a year, two years already. So we plan so far ahead”. Strowman is one of the strongest and meanest looking wrestlers in the WWE. He is extremely big, which makes him almost unstoppable.

Strowman makes even the biggest wrestlers in the WWE look small. Current WWE title holders are not big men, and most of them rely on their athletic ability to entertain the crowd. Most of them move well in the ring, which bigger wrestlers cannot do. Strowman actually has nobody left to challenge.