X-Pac on Sasha Banks WWE Return

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X-Pac on Sasha Banks WWE Return

X-Pac spoke about the return of Sasha Banks on his podcast recently. Banks last wrestled at WWE WrestleMania 35, and reportedly tried to quit the WWE after being forced to drop her WWE Women’s Tag Title. She was on RAW this week, which was also the post-SummerSlam RAW episode.

X-Pac stated that Banks return was super entertaining. "[Natalya] lays it on thick... For better or worse, it's coming from a real authentic place with her," Waltman recalled. "And so she's out there and she's talking about her father.

It's hard to boo somebody when they're talking about their father passing. And then when Sasha comes out - it was just really good sh-t. The intensity! She f--ked her up, and then Becky [Lynch] came out and she f--ked her up!” "For anyone that's in charge of writing or creative or whatever, don't assume that the people are all just gonna jump on the Becky train on this, 'cause some people are going to be for Sasha."

” The WWE creative team can take full advantage of Banks heel turn, as she has plenty of fans that want her to win over Becky Lynch. She was also able to dominate Lynch, which not many women have been able to do after Ronda Rousey’s vicious attack on her in a RAW episode. Banks returning can only mean that she won’t be joining any other promotion anytime soon.