Paige Speaks After Getting Surgery

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Paige Speaks After Getting Surgery

Paige had to get her neck operated for a hernia recently. She suffered a horrific injury in December 2017 during a live event. The injury was so bad that she had to retire shortly after it as doctors told her that she could get paralyzed for life if she ever competed in a ring again.

Paige made a comment on the surgery and praised the surgeon for performing the surgery well. Dr. Juan Uribe also performed surgery on Nikki Bella and Tyson Kidd after they got their necks injured. "Thank you for everything!!

We got treated like royalty!! My fave dr and team ever!" Paige tweeted. She also thanked her fans and everyone that supported her during this time. "Finally touched down home after a successful second surgery," Paige wrote.

"Thanks to @thejuanuribe and his team for always treating me like absolute royalty and keeping my neck healthy! Forever thankful. Big thanks to @cuttercharter for helping us out last minute so I can fly home comfortably!

Much love to @thebriebella @kathylaurinaitis @zac_phoenix for coming and hanging with me”. Before retiring, Paige was very successful in the WWE. She won the WWE Divas Title in her debut match against AJ Lee. She was neither a heel nor a face.

She was simply an anti-hero type of character. She had a very unique moveset, thanks to her years of training as a professional wrestler.