WWE to Nix Bray Wyatt's Head Lantern?

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WWE to Nix Bray Wyatt's Head Lantern?

The WWE just added Bray Wyatt’s SummerSlam entrance video on their YouTube channel. He is playing his The Fiend character these days. The video was taken down shortly after being uploaded. The portion where Wyatt is holding his head as the lantern holder was removed from the video.

This has led to speculation that the WWE has probably nixed the idea of using the head as a lantern holder. Some people believe that the edit was made to comply with the terms of service that YouTube has. YouTube is known for demonetizing videos that it finds inappropriate for it.

The WWE has kind of confirmed that the head lantern will stay for a while at least. The WWE recently released a photo on Twitter in which Wyatt had the head lantern in a photo. Wyatt will be appearing on RAW this Monday according to the schedule.

The event will take place at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. The King of The Ring Tournament will also be taking place there. Smoothie King Center also had Bray advertise for the RAW event that will take place over there.

The Center is in New Orleans, LA. Bray Wyatt was known as the eater of worlds before his The Fiend character. He was dark even back then, but he is extremely horrifying now. His mask is probably the scariest mask in WWE history.