Eli on Most Embarrassing Match

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Eli on Most Embarrassing Match

Eli is a Ring of Honor superstar. He is a rising star over there and a member of the Shinobi Shadow. He was featured on the 10 Questions With…… ROH column. During a Q and A, Isom spoke about his most embarrassing match and moment in his pro-wrestling career.

His most embarrassing moment came during a match with PJ Black. PJ Black signed with Ring of Honor in February. Eli spoke about learning it the hard way! He performed a high-risk move that went horribly wrong for him. "It happened when I wrestled PJ Black in Pittsburgh," Isom revealed.

"We were having a great back and forth match, and I started to gain some momentum. At one point I even had the upper hand on PJ. It was at this point where I tried to hit PJ with a springboard dropkick, but much to my surprise when I went up for the springboard I found myself quickly coming back down.

I clipped my foot, went completely head over heels and ate it hard as I smacked off the mat. What made it even worse is that up until that point I had never messed up a springboard before. Soon after, PJ took control and won the match, and I found out the hard way why they call those types of moves high-risk maneuvers." That is the reason why many wrestlers choose not to perform high-risk moves.