Theme Song, “Let Me In” Sees Major Success

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Theme Song, “Let Me In” Sees Major Success

The Fiend is Bray Wyatt’s new character. His new theme song is called “Let Me In” and it is seeing major success on iTunes and the Amazon music charts. The WWE released the following statement concerning the success: “"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt's entrance theme dominates iTunes Yowie wowie!

"Let Me In," the signature theme of The Fiend that debuted this past Sunday night at SummerSlam, is already spider-walking its way up the iTunes charts. As of Thursday night, the haunting tune by Orange Theory is at No.

26 on iTunes, and has surpassed such songs as "If I Can't Have You" by Shawn Mendes, "Sober" by TOOL and "ME!" by Taylor Swift in the rankings. Something tells us that Bray Wyatt's diabolical alter ego is just starting to overtake the world of music.

Do the "Muscle Man Dance" to The Fiend's creepy entrance theme by downloading it at iTunes here, and listen to the song (if you dare) above”. The WWE has also released the song on YouTube. That did that on Tuesday afternoon!

The video has more than 430,000 views. The digital version of the song was made available by the WWE and Code Orange on Tuesday. This comes after The Fiend made his debut at the WWE SummerSlam event. He faced Finn Balor and won the match. The Fiend is currently an extremely popular topic amongst WWE fans.