Roman Reigns Signs New WWE Contract

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Roman Reigns Signs New WWE Contract

Even after all the horrible things that former WWE superstars have revealed about the WWE, some famous WWE superstars prefer to stay there. Roman Reigns recently stated that he considers the WWE his home. That is the reason why, Roman has signed a new multi-year WWE contract.

We do not know for how long the deal will last, but this is what he said on Twitter: "@WWE is my home. The @WWEUniverse is family. And I got plentttttty of big fights left," he wrote. Most WWE superstars do not leave the WWE on good terms.

The ones that do usually do not speak against the WWE. The WWE is definitely not a place for creative wrestlers, according to a large number of famous former WWE superstars. Ever since going PG, the WWE has used scripted promos.

These scripted promos limit the creativity of the wrestler. Creative wrestlers hate this about the WWE. Others left the WWE due to the tough schedule the WWE gives its wrestlers. According to Ryback, former WWE Intercontinental Champion, he sometimes had to spend 12 hours on the road to go from one arena to another.

Many indie wrestlers failed horribly after joining the WWE. Vince McMahon only pushes the wrestlers that he thinks will work well in the company, regardless of how talented they are. That is one of the reasons why Roman Reigns was given a big push before his battle with leukemia.