Titus O'Neil on WWE Handling Sensitive Issues

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Titus O'Neil on WWE Handling Sensitive Issues

Titus O’Neil made it clear years ago that he was displeased with Hulk Hogan’s apology for the racial remarks that Hulk made. Hulk has since then been brought back into the WWE and people have kind of forgotten what he did all those years back.

Titus worked with Hulk at a rally recently and had a conversation with him. On The Wrestling Inc. Podcast he spoke about how the WWE has changed its approach in handling sensitive issues. "I'd like to think that I have shared some of the company's growth in what we do.

I think they value my opinion in a high regard because I'm actually out there and doing the work. I'm not saying, 'We should do this. We should do that.' I'm out doing the work and doing it at a high level," said Titus.

"The company has made dramatic changes with our approach. We've been much more aggressive especially in the last 10 years in getting ingrained in the communities we go into. It's not just at WrestleMania and SummerSlam, it's at live events, non-TV events, and pay-per-views”.

Titus is not including in the list of top WWE superstars. He has never made it big in the WWE, but he has his fans who love to watch him perform. Hulk Hogan on the other hand is considered one of the best professional wrestlers of all time.