Goldberg Talks Wrestling The Undertaker

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Goldberg Talks Wrestling The Undertaker

The legendary WCW and WWE wrestler, Goldberg was a guest on Booker T’s podcast. Both WWE Hall of Famers, spoke about his disappointing match with the Undertaker. Goldberg is known for his brute strength and awesome powerhouse skills.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t deliver at WWE Super ShowDown. "I'm not going to make excuses, that is for sure. I'm just going to answer questions and give facts," Bill stated. "Facts are the reason why I had that match [with The Undertaker] and took that opportunity, was because it was an opportunity of a lifetime whether I was 22, 52 or 102, you know? Not that it was in Saudi Arabia but because it was against The Undertaker.

He was the one guy that I never crossed paths with, and the heat - I knew going in it was going to be hot. In Georgia playing for The Falcons, or The Georgia Bulldogs, or the L.A Rams down in Los Angeles, it's hotter than hell and you know it's going to be hot.

It's one of those things you accept." Goldberg stated that he knocked himself out quite early in the match when he hit his head in the ring post. In that spot, Goldberg was going for a spear but The Undertaker moved out of the way. Goldberg missed him and ran head first into the ring post.