Bill Goldberg on Preparing for a Match

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Bill Goldberg on Preparing for a Match

Professional wrestling legends such as Goldberg need to perform extremely well in the ring and need to work really hard to keep their fans happy. Goldberg failed to achieve either of those things in his match against The Undertaker at WWE Super Showdown.

Goldberg is currently 52 years old, but he is in better shape than most young wrestlers. He didn’t look in good shape for his match against the Undertaker. On Booker T’s podcast, he explained how he needs to prepare before every match "I had the perfect storm of crappiness because, for me, people don't know all the things that go into everything," Goldberg said.

"At 52, going against The Undertakerand being Bill Goldberg in the short period of time that I had, I can either do one or two things - I can get in really good shape or I can try to get as big as humanly possible so I don't look like an old Bill Goldberg against The Undertaker.

So, it's a compromise; it's always a compromise”. Goldberg focused on shedding weight instead of weight training this time, and that is the reason why he looked small in the ring compared to his usual self. Goldberg never had a problem in being in shape, but he is mostly known for his awesome physique and powerhouse moves which not many wrestlers can perform.