Edge on Delivering a Spear

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Edge on Delivering a Spear

Edge had to retire in 2011 after suffering a neck injury. The neck injury prevented him for performing any activity in the ring, and he could get paralyzed for life if he competed at that time again. This year, he made his return during WWE’s SummerSlam event.

He got into the ring with Elias and speared him. This was the first time in 8 years that he got physical in the ring with anyone. He spoke about it on his podcast. "In terms of the spear, what people don't know is that I do all my fight scenes; whatever it is.

So, I've actually done a couple of spears acting and with that, there is contact where I am hitting stunt guys, land like you normally would except, honestly like in 'Haven' I did one to Kurrgan and we were landing on concrete and that was fine.

I think in terms of my neck there is a lot of miseducation and a lot of 'it's this and this.' When I first found out with my retirement speech, I had said what I knew at that point but have since learned a lot more [about my neck injury] and know what my limitations actually are."

Edge is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He is well-known for his feud with The Undertaker which lasted for more than 6 months, in which both superstars took each other to their limits.