Edge on His Physical Limitations

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Edge on His Physical Limitations

Many people were surprised to see Edge perform a devastating spear on Elias at this year’s SummerSlam PPV event. This was the first time in 8 years that we have seen him do anything physical in the ring, and his fans were concerned about him.

They thought he is not allowed to do anything physical in the ring. On his podcast, he spoke about his neck condition, and stated that he can perform in the ring, but the WWE will not allow it. Ever since moving to acting, he has been performing stunts and that don’t bother him.

"I am a highly, physical person. All that stuff in Vikings, if you see me do it, especially coming up that is me doing it; they don't give me a stunt double," revealed Edge. "People might think it is a huge risk but I know where I am at and I have seen my neck guys down here and have told me the dos and don'ts.

I am not in the midst of being told to retire so I am much more emotionally aware and hearing everything and going, 'okay, what are my limitations going forward so I know what they are?' Doing a spear isn't one of them."

Edge is known for being a highly charismatic wrestler and he loved the WWE as he was a WWE fan before he joined the company as a wrestler.