Beer City Bruiser Talks About Harley Race

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Beer City Bruiser Talks About Harley Race

The Bouncers love to drink beer, but one other thing they have in common is that they were trained by legendary professional wrestlers. Beer City Bruiser was trained by Harley Race. Harley Race recently died. Bruiser spoke about his relationship with Race on the WINLCY podcast.

"I trained at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy. I was there for six years and almost everyday in his office," said Bruiser. "Harley was amazing. He was a mentor to all of us and sometimes a father figure to us.

There was a time I couldn't pay my electric bill and he paid it for me and never asked for anything in return. He understood what it was to be one of the boys. "When you hear the obituaries that mentioned 'wrestling kids', that's what he used to call us.

We were like his kids. He was a father figure, a mentor and a legend who will live on forever." A large number of the best professional wrestlers in the world today had a mentor. In fact, they copy their mentors and do exactly what they did that made them successful in their time.

That is one of the reasons why, most famous professional wrestlers are compared to popular professional wrestlers of the past. These days, Becky Lynch is compared to Stone Cold Steve Austin, although she was never trained by him. See was probably just inspired by him, but she never said that openly.