LAX Just Wrestled Their Last Match

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LAX Just Wrestled Their Last Match

Santana & Ortiz are members of LAX. They worked for Impact Wrestling. They just finished wrestling Rich Swann and Willie Mack at Impact Wrestling. This was, according to LAX their last match in Impact Wrestling. The match took place during a TV taping in Mexico.

Member of the Impact Wrestling locker room came out after the match to say goodbye to LAX. LAX released a statement after that match: "Last night we wrestled our final match with Impact Wrestling. Our appreciation and gratitude for every single person there who had a hand in helping us get to this point, is absolutely endless.

Thank you for the opportunity to show the world our passion and commitment for this business. And most of all, for the opportunity to represent our people and culture on a big stage. We are forever grateful." Impact Wrestling has gone through a very rough time recently.

They are continuously losing their best wrestlers to other promotions and not many famous wrestlers want to join Impact Wrestling willingly. They also didn’t do well ever since they moved to Pursuit and are actively looking for a new TV Home.

Famous Impact Wrestling wrestlers usually end up joining the WWE or All Elite Wrestling these days. There was a time when Impact Wrestling actually had some of the most famous professional wrestlers of all time working for them. Hulk Hogan, Sting and Bully Ray were part of it once.