MVP Visits WWE Backstage at SuperShow

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MVP Visits WWE Backstage at SuperShow

A WWE Live SuperShow took place at Houston recently. Former WWE Superstar, MVP was backstage for the show. MVP wrote a Tweet about it: "Former #UnitedStatesChampion @The305MVP stopped by #WWEHouston to catch up with some old friends.

He thinks the @WWEUniverse has something really special to watch, especially with @TrueKofi!" MVP in a video said the following: "I'm here in Houston, Texas on a rare weekend off. Came by the Toyota Center for the WWE SuperShow to catch up with some old friends.

Saw some really cool old faces, saw some new faces and made some new friends. Really cool seeing my boy Kofi Kingstonthe champ. Samoa Joe, Drew, of course, good friend Shelton, and I see that WWE is in very good hands. This next-generation has everything in hand and you guys are lucky.

You guys are going to be alright." MVP spent most of his career as a heel wrestler, but never got to the top of the company. He worked for ECW before joining the WWE. In the WWE, he won the Intercontinental Title. MVP’s best feud was the one with Matt Hardy, which even saw Matt Hardy work a boxing match with Evander Holyfield, the legendary heavyweight boxer.

MVP had to retire slightly early as he developed problems in his heart. He couldn’t wrestle well with those problems and had to rely on performing basic moves to entertain fans.