Ethan Page Talks about Abyss

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Ethan Page Talks about Abyss

Ethan Page is an Impact Wrestling tag team champion. He spoke with Chris Van Vliet about his current run with Impact Wrestling. Impact Wrestling was known as Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling, and he was inspired to join it. "To me, it means something different than everybody else, I think.

I guess in a short form, TNA was my WCW because of my age, if that makes sense," Page said. "That was my alternative which got me into the Ring of Honors and stuff like that, which got me into becoming a wrestler.

So TNA meant a lot to me as a fan. So I am a TNA tag champ [instead of Impact tag champ] right now, at least in my mind." Abyss had a huge role in inspiring Ethan to become a professional wrestler. Abyss is a TNA/Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer.

Abyss was part of some of the most brutal matches in Impact Wrestling’s history. "I started watching just after they finished their weekly PPVs and went to their big 3-hour PPVs," Page explained. "So the Jeff Hardys, the Christian Cages, and then obviously when Kurt Anglecame.

But Abyss was always one of my favorites. As an original character, I always wanted to see him go on and wrestle guys like Kane and The Undertaker. He was always having crazy matches and they were doing things that WWE, at the time, wasn't doing, like with the thumbtacks, and barbed wire, and stuff like that. They would go a step further. I don't know, maybe I had that blood lust but I was a huge fan of Abyss."