Jim Ross recalls Jeff Hardy’s famous ladder match with The Undertaker

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Jim Ross recalls Jeff Hardy’s famous ladder match with The Undertaker

Jim Ross worked for WWE, as a commentator, and for Fox Sports, where he writes commentary on professional wrestling for FoxSports.com. He was also the lead announcer for New Japan Pro-Wrestling on AXS TV and occasionally does play-by-play for boxing and mixed martial arts.

As of February 2014 Ross began hosting his own weekly podcast, The Jim Ross Report. Ross was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2007. He is known affectionately as "Good ol' JR", was widely regarded as the voice of the WWE particularly during The Attitude Era, and has been labelled as one of the greatest wrestling commentators of all time.

On the latest Grilling JR, Ross talked about Jeff Hardy’s famous ladder match with The Undertaker: “Well, I’m assuming somebody in Creative had the idea. I can guarantee your ass that Undertaker had a hand in it.

Because he actually participated in what he did. You know, he had something to say to add to the match. And of course, Jeff Hardy was so excited about the opportunity to wrestle the Undertaker in a one-on-one match on Raw, live, that he was up for about anything.

So it was a great cooperative effort by both guys. And Undertaker made Jeff Hardy a star that night. Now, that could be argued by ‘Well, he was made a star in the TLC match.’ He was. All those guys were. All those guys were.

Edge and Christian, Dudleys, they all became famous off the TLC matches. And they deserved the fame. But for Jeff on his own without Matt there, without a tag environment, this was it. This was the big moment, in my view”.