Santino on Retiring from Wrestling

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Santino on Retiring from Wrestling

Santino Marella had to end his career early after suffering a bad neck injury. Paige and Edge are his other fellow superstars that had to do exactly the same thing for exactly the same reason. He was released in 2014 by the WWE after he wrestled his last match for the company.

He was a guest on the Lilian Garcia’s podcast where he spoke about it. "I knew it was coming. I saw specialists years ago that said you don't need surgery yet. I had heard it at University; it had affected my judo career as well.

The whole career I was protecting it and physio and traction and stretching it out while on the road. The flare ups got worse and they got closer together almost it got to the point where it was like, okay," said Marella.

"Also, one time I was warming up for a match and I fell asleep in the car for a second but my neck was stiff, and I was warming up but I couldn't move it at all”. Neck injuries can be really bad for a wrestler.

Wrestlers can end up in a wheelchair if they don’t retire before re-injuring an already injured neck. Neck injuries are super common in the WWE as well with concussions. Both of these injuries can severely limit or a wrestlers ability to wrestle and can end a wrestler’s career in one night.