Santino on Trying to Find New Roles in WWE

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Santino on Trying to Find New Roles in WWE

After retiring due to a neck injury, Santino Marella started trying to fill different roles in the WWE. He of course still had to make money after his in-ring career was over. He spoke about it on Lilian Garcia’s podcast.

"I ended up calling the WWE where I told them that I am waiting just like they are if this is going to get better”. "Then we were talking about a non-wrestling role like a General Manager or something like that and that was the plan.

All the time during your injury that you have, they can add that on to your contract. So, I was off for like two years and my contract would have been expired by that time but I figured, okay, I have two years because I was off for two years and that is what they told me.

And then one day they called and said that they weren't going to exercise their option to extend it so my contract will be up next month. It was crazy." Santino is not a part of the WWE anymore, but he is not totally out of wrestling either.

Santino was known for using the Mandible Claw like move as his finishing move and even had a showdown with Mick Foley, the person who made the Mandible Claw famous.