Silas Young on Building a Ring

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Silas Young on Building a Ring

Silas Young is a wrestler that calls himself “The Last Real Man”. He calls himself an old-school wrestler and regularly fights at Ring of Honor. He has shunned the new and more sophisticated wrestling schools of today and made a ring for himself in his own backyard.

He spoke about his decision to build a ring himself with Wrestling Inc. "I do have a wrestling ring in my backyard. I got a couple of guys that come over a couple of times a week and I'm trying to train them and polish them up.

They are all guys that are currently wrestling but they could just use some help to get better. So, it's been cool," Young said before adding that none of the neighbors have said anything but he has had a couple walk over and just watch, which he's cool with.

"I've always wanted to buy a wrestling ring. I think every guy that's been wrestling for a while has wanted to get a ring. I just started looking for one and one came up with a good price." Silas Young is currently not one of the top ROH stars, but he is important for the promotion.

He uses some of the most well-known catch as catch can moves and relies heavily on his mat wrestling skills. Some people actually enjoy old-school wrestling moves as they look more realistic.