Santino Marella on IC Title and His Character

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Santino Marella on IC Title and His Character

Santino Marella is a former WWE Superstar who won the WWE Intercontinental Title on his debut. He won the title in his home country in 2005. Santino is actually a Canadian but he fooled the WWE and the entire WWE Universe by saying that he is from Italy.

He spoke about his debut and his career on Lilian Garcia’s podcast. "It was nuts. I was in OVW and I was this character 'Boris,'" said Marella. "I was this Russian character and I was driving to a live event and my phone rings and it was Mike Bucci [Simon Dean], and he goes to me, 'you're real Italian, right?' I was like, 'yeah I am.'

" Santino’s character was a funny one, and he was used as comic relief. He was never taken as a serious competitor. This is something that some WWE superstars don’t actually like. He was asked whether he ever got frustrated backstage.

"I think that was one of the things that made me different was that I wasn't one of those guys that had a massive ego and I think that was what was refreshing for even some people. For example a lot of the guys I am their wives' favorite, or I am someone's grandmother's favorite because everyone is putting on that macho, badass cool guy and this guy isn't trying to do that.

He is just going out and having fun and being silly which is what made me stand out as a character and as a person too," said Marella.