Daffney Gives an Update on Her Health

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Daffney Gives an Update on Her Health

Daffney is a former WCW and WWE Superstar. She gave an update on her health recently as she had to get treated for a cyst or growth that is close to her T1. She found out about her growth on Friday after going to a doctor. She spoke about her finger going numb and then felt like her left shoulder would drop off.

She thought that she hurt another one of her discs like she did 2 and a half years back. She spoke about the pain on Instagram: “By Thursday night it had gotten so bad, I decided I needed to go get it checked the next day.

Good news: I haven't hurt another disc in my neck. Bad news: They found a cyst or growth next to my T1. They gave me steroids & anti-inflammatories and I've been keeping my left arm propped up”. About her neck surgery she wrote this: "Some of you know that I had neck surgery 2 1/2 years ago.

They put a metal plate between my C4 & C5. Recently, I noticed my fingers on my left hand going numb again, especially my thumb. My wrist and forearm began to hurt, my temple, neck, collarbone, and trap were next, and then finally my shoulder felt like it was being ripped out” Daffney never reached the top of the WWE, but she was good looking and built a fan base for herself.