Sasha Banks Destroys Natalya Backstage

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Sasha Banks Destroys Natalya Backstage

On RAW this week Sasha Banks destroyed Natalya again, this time in a backstage segment. Banks told Natalya to “Go to Hell!” during an interview backstage. She then told her to greet her father as she as she meets him there.

Banks appeared in another interview as well, right after Becky Lynch issued a warning to her. Banks spoke about the attention that she is receiving these days on Twitter: She wrote, "You know you're that b---h when you cause all this conversation!

#RAW" Her tweet along with a picture from her rent photoshoot is available on Twitter. Banks returned on the post-SummerSlam episode of RAW after taking a significant time off from the WWE. She left the WWE after WrestleMania 35, as she was not pleased with the WWE officials’ decision to make her drop her WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles to the IIconics.

According to reports, Sasha Banks and her partner, Bayley were seen lying on their locker room floors after their title match defense at WrestleMania 35. Banks wanted to legitimize the WWE Women’s Tag Titles by holding it for a long time.

The IIconics were known as a comic relief group at that time, and that is why the decision to drop the title didn’t work well according to reports. Vince McMahon probably convinced Banks to return, otherwise she may have ended up with another promotion like All Elite Wrestling.