Jack Swagger on MMA Progress

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Jack Swagger on MMA Progress

Jack Swagger is now an MMA fighter. He is known as Jack Hager, which is his real name, inside the Octagon. Swagger was as good technical wrestler in the WWE. Jack Swagger still wrestles professionally, even though he is 2-0 in Bellator.

In a recent interview, he stated that that was his plan all along, ever since he left the WWE. It is difficult for him to balance his professional wrestling career and his MMA career though. This is what he said on the WINCLY podcast.

"When I left WWE in 2017, this was the plan. We could see pro wrestling really rising and becoming more popular so it was a good opportunity to leave and do both," said Swagger. "The MMA team has been great and have been accommodating with my schedule.

We have lulls when we don't wrestle and we go harder and then times where I'm working on the [wrestling] shows. "They've been onboard the whole time and understood what I'm trying to do as no one else is doing both – pro wrestling and MMA actively.

It's an exciting time." WWE superstars rarely succeed in the world of MMA. Only those that have some sort of combat sports experience are the ones that do well, and the number of those types of superstars is extremely low. Most wrestlers simply start as professional wrestlers and don’t think about doing anything else.