Kalisto's tweet on being "free agent" in 2020 prompts "Adios" from Strowman

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Kalisto's tweet on being "free agent" in 2020 prompts "Adios" from Strowman

On Monday, 19th August, Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) pro, Kalisto tweeted that he would be a free agent in 10 months with a hashtag, “Freeagent”. The tweet has since been deleted but it was not before it attracted attention.

Kalisto’s fellow WWE wrestler, Gran Metalik quote-tweeted his tweet and said, “Me too carnal,” indicating that he, too, had 10 months left to go on his WWE contract. The biggest eyebrow-raising reaction, however, came from Braun Strowman who simply replied to Kalisto’s tweet, with a hashtag “Adios”.

After Strowman’s reply, speculations are running rife if there was any bad blood between the two. Nonetheless, Kalisto’s departure from WWE does not in any way indicate a complete roadblock for him in the pro-wrestling world.

Meanwhile, Strowman will continue to be a part of the WWE world as he signed a multi-year contract with the company in July 2019. According to reports, Strowman and Roman Reigns are the top-two guys in the WWE. The promotion has received some criticism in the last few months about its operation.

These criticisms have not swayed Reigns, who recently made a comeback to the pro-wrestling world following his battle with cancer. Meanwhile, Kalisto’s departure from WWE in 2020 would mean the ending of a near-seven-year-long association that began in 2013. The 30-year-old Metalik joined the WWE in 2016.