Rusev's New Look Revealed

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Rusev's New Look Revealed

Rusev’s new look has been revealed in a photo. He now has a clean shave and shorter hair. This is the first time he has clean shaven since he debuted in the WWE. Rusev’s WWE contract will expire soon according to various reports.

Even though he is still a WWE wrestler, he has not appeared on WWE TV, ever since the WWE Super Showdown event. He participated in a 50 man Battle Royal over there. Lana has also not made an appearance ever since the 23rd of April’s Superstar Shakeup episode.

Rusev appeared with Lana on the Chasing Glory podcast and were interviewed by Lillian Garcia. In that episode, he spoke about how he is frustrated with WWE and his status with the company. He said that he worked hard to get Vince McMahon’s attention, but it got him nowhere.

"But I feel like, the more you hang around, the more you're forgotten," Rusev said. "It doesn't matter how good you are. I think I'm good, I always think that I'm good...It doesn't matter what I do, I kinda end up with the same thing.

"I do want to look my best, I do want to be at my best 'cause I do want to be WWE Champion, I do want to be on top," Rusev said. "I don't want to be forgotten, but that's what irks me, I do all these things but nothing changes”.