New Alliance, Ali's Dark Match and Mick Foley Praises Superstar

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New Alliance, Ali's Dark Match and Mick Foley Praises Superstar

Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn just formed a new alliance on this week’s episode of Smackdown. Shinsuke Nakamura hold the WWE Intercontinental Title right now. They appeared together on an episode of MizTV and that ended when The Miz was attacked.

An episode of the full segment is available on the WWE’s official YouTube channel. Two videos are actually available. One shows the new alliance being formed and The Miz being attacked. The second shows The Miz being helped to go backstage as the attack left him badly hurt in the ring.

We do not know where the WWE will take the new alliance. Ali and Samoa Joe were involved in a dark match. In the dark match, Samoa Joe won the match by defeating Ali in singles competition. Buddy Murphy wrestled Daniel Bryan this week on Smackdown.

Murphy was the one that won the match. This caught the attention of Mick Foley, a very famous WWE Hall of Famer. He wrote about Murphy on Twitter: "Watching #SmackDown on DVR, so I'm a little late to the pardukey, but @WWE_Murphy is the real deal, isn't he? Two great performances in a row is no fluke," Foley wrote.

Buddy Murphy has been performing pretty well recently. He almost defeated Roman Reigns last week when he challenged him to a fight after Roman attacked him several weeks back.