Bryan Reveals Reigns Mystery Attacker

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Bryan Reveals Reigns Mystery Attacker

The closing segment of this week’s Smackdown episode saw Daniel Bryan and Rowan reveal the mystery attacker that was behind Roman Reigns’ forklift attack. In the video released by the WWE, we can see that the man looks just like Rowan and has a beard very similar to that or Rowan’s.

That is the reason why Buddy Murphy said that Rowan was the one he saw attack Reigns several weeks ago using a forklift. We do not know where this storyline is headed now after this huge twist or why did they do it in the first place.

We do not really know anything about the mystery man either. During an earlier segment on the show, we saw Daniel Bryan and Rowan escort the mystery man to a room. They had him over there for the entire duration of the show.

In the final segment, Roman Reigns entered the room and Bryan took the black hood that was on the mystery man’s head, revealing to Reigns who he was. The show ended but before that, Roman appeared extremely confused.

He was seen taking a look at all of the people inside the room and didn’t really know what to make out of all of that. This week also saw Buddy Murphy defeat Daniel Bryan in singles match. This was probably Murphy’s first big win ever since he was called to WWE’s main roster.