Mark Henry on What Would Make Him Return

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Mark Henry on What Would Make Him Return

Mark Henry is a WWE Hall of Famer and is one of the strongest wrestlers ever to wrestle in the WWE. He was known for having an attitude problem in his early days and lacked the ability to wrestle well, but he overcame all of that.

He spoke to Wrestling Inc. About his legendary career and about his career ending. He stated that he is absolutely done with wrestling and has no plans on returning. "Listen, I told you: 'If anybody hits me, I'm calling the police,'" Henry joked.

"No more wrestling. It's a lot of hugging, a lot of shaking hands, and a lot of kissing babies [now]." In April 2018, Mark Henry fought his last match for the WWE. He appeared at The Greatest Royal Rumble that took place in Saudi Arabia.

Some of the WWE wrestlers that appeared in that event received $100,000 for a brief appearance. Mark Henry revealed who can actually drive him to return to wrestling for such a massive payday. "I would say no, but my wife would say yes," Henry explained.

"If you start throwing a little money around, you know, we've got to get them bills paid." Mark Henry is a former World Heavyweight Champion and has fought some of the best WWE Superstars of his time. He was even part of some important storylines that saw him get to the top of the WWE.