Elias on Edge Appearing at SummerSlam

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Elias on Edge Appearing at SummerSlam

Elias was the victim of a devastating spear that was delivered to him by Edge at WWE SummerSlam. Edge returned to WWE SummerSlam and got physical inside a WWE Ring after more than 8 years. Edge was a WWE superstar that had to retire after suffering a neck injury that could have left him paralyzed.

Elias was interrupted again by another legendary superstar. He get interrupted very often these days during his guitar segments. Elias spoke about Edge appearing at SummerSlam. "I was all over the place at Summer Slam and anytime I can get involved in anything, I'll make the best of it and do what I can," Elias said.

"I was out there doing my performance and nobody in the world saw that Edge was coming out, myself included. There's a whole story to that that'll come out someday. But what a moment that was, the crowd began to go insane when he came out there.

So that was really something to be a part of. Then later on of course as a special enforcer with Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens. I did everything I could to stop Kevin Owens, but the guy just outsmarted everybody." Elias is being used quite a lot by the WWE these days and he might have a bigger role on Smackdown once the show moves to FOX. He is very well-known, thanks to his guitar.