Elias on His WWE Future

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Elias on His WWE Future

Elias was attacked by Edge at WWE SummerSlam. Edge has now become one of the many WWE legends that have attacked Elias during his guitar segments in the WWE. Elias is very well-known in the WWE though, but he hasn’t really climbed to the top of the company yet.

He has a huge fan base, and is good at acting in the ring and during interviews backstage. He is also good at insulting the crowd during his songs. He recently spoke about his future and his interest in acting for the WWE. "For my entire life I wanted to be a wrestler.

I wanted to be in the WWE," Elias responded. "And sure enough, here we are years later, and WWE stands for Walk With Elias. And as long as they keep me happy, I'd go with being in WWE in the foreseeable future and beyond that.

I want to do movies. I've already been approached to do a few. I think it's an obvious path I would love to take. If I can do that under the WWE umbrella, then great. And then if I got to go in the movies afterwards or music, whatever it may be, those are definite avenues I'd love to explore."

Elias has wrestled some of the best WWE wrestlers of the present and has been involved with legends such as The Undertaker in segments.