Apollo Crews Reveals that He is Dissatisfied

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Apollo Crews Reveals that He is Dissatisfied

Apollo Crews was interviewed by The Wrap recently, where he revealed that he is not satisfied with his WWE career. He stated that winning The King of The Ring Tournament could have made things well for him. The interview was conducted before Crews was knocked out of the KOTR tournament by Andrade.

Crews believes that he could have done much more in the WWE than what he has done so far. "I wanted to come in here and shock the world, I guess you could say. I felt like I would have done much more at this moment in my career," Crews said."

"But I'm still young — I'm about to be 32 in a couple of days — and there's still a lot of time. I'm still very patient and understanding in how the process works. I trust the process."

Crews praised the current WWE roster and stated that it is the best WWE roster in the history of the WWE. He was asked whether the history of the KOTR tournament is ruined according to him by the WWE, by holding it on TV instead of a PPV event.

"No, I don't think anything's diminished at all," Crews said. "First of all, the talent that we have, in my opinion, I think it's the greatest roster of all time as far as talent goes."